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LETTERS: Thoughts on COVID-19 data, claims and frustrations

LETTERS: Thoughts on COVID-19 data, claims and frustrations

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COVID marches on

Watch TV for a while and you’ll invariably encounter an ad thanking those who, despite the risks, work in different jobs during this pandemic. I am no hero, but I believe there are true heroes out there, balancing service with safety every day. For us, this means providing good medical care to our patients while at the same time protecting them and ourselves.

You’d think this would be understood by all…. and you would be wrong. Since COVID-19 struck, I have seen a noticeable increase in aggressive behavior in the form of insults and even unwanted physical contact. What is wrong with you people?

“But, Dr. E, people are under stress.” You think I do not know this? I often find myself struggling with explosive irritability at the slightest aggravation. You cannot yell at COVID, but it is easy to insult a nurse, a receptionist or a food service employee. I get it, but it is nonetheless wrong. And that applies to me as much as to anyone else.

Worried about your family? Same here. Yes, we have families. Tired of wearing a mask? So are we, every day 9 to 5. Doing your best to protect your co-workers? Likewise. This is a time of uncertainty and we all function within our established protocols (and will make mistakes in the process).

Angry? Here’s a suggestion: Print a picture of the virus, take it to a shooting range and obliterate it with the firearm of your choice. Dislike guns? Shoot it with a crossbow, throw stones at it or just call it names, I don’t care. But please, do not go anywhere with an aggressive attitude. I suspect it will not be well received in most places. It will most certainly not be tolerated in ours.

Take a deep breath, realize we’re all in this together and stay safe.

Carlos Encarnacion, M.D., FACP, Waco

* * *

I would love for the local hospitals and Waco-Tribune-Herald to give me the number of people who actually died from the COVID-19 virus and those who died from COVID-19 “complications” such as heart attack, suicide, gunshot, automobile accident, etc. How about all the people who have recovered? If the medical profession doesn’t know if individuals have recovered and haven’t heard or seen the patient for weeks/months, take them off the positive list; if they were still positive, there’s a good chance they feel better and don’t want to pay for another doctor’s visit.

Remember the N-95 mask that the medical profession said was the “only” mask to protect against the virus? What changed? As for the drug hydroxychloroquine, according to the New England Journal of Medicine and a June 4 article from WebMD in which the medical journal The Lancet admitted the story they published stating that the anti-malaria drug did not help and might cause death was false... it does help and it doesn’t kill you. Ask any military person: They’ve all taken the anti-malaria pill. We didn’t die from it.

I travel all over Texas and every time I read the paper (I refuse to watch the “news” on TV), every mention of deaths involves “complications” of the virus. Some counties shouldn’t have more than 10 people left outside ICU or the ranks of the dead, according to the media. Wish you would tell the whole story.

Jeff Keith, Lorena

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have reservations with at least some of the official McLennan County COVID-19 numbers; in fact, city and medical officials dodged our recent inquiry as to whether they even have faith in these numbers. That said, they have stressed that if, say, a local crash victim is also infected with the coronavirus, he or she is not subsequently listed as an official coronavirus death.

Concerned about COVID-19?

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