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LETTERS: Thoughts on COVID-19 insights, guidance for economic recovery and a most illuminating chart

LETTERS: Thoughts on COVID-19 insights, guidance for economic recovery and a most illuminating chart

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Survival of smartest

COVID-19 and its corresponding issues were a focus of Sunday opinion pages, including Gary W. Johnson’s column on challenges to school reopenings in a pandemic, Llewellyn King’s offering on how COVID-19 is forever changing various professions and, finally, some powerful letters to the editor. Again, we heard from people with access to accurate data, education/experience and personal anecdotes who presented arguments for wearing masks. Pleas were made to the public to wear masks and social distance not just for their sake but for the sake of the rest of us. Too often these articulations appear to fall on the deaf ears of those who still hear echoes of “it’s all a hoax and will just disappear.”

I’m usually a caring person, but my anger is getting the better of me. I think of Darwin and his Theory of Evolution or “survival of the fittest.” Today we know people who are unhealthy (less fit) are more at risk for this virus, and that is unfortunate. Today I think the wording of this theory should be changed to “survival of the smartest.

Good health is not a given as anyone who loses it for any reason well knows. In one way or another, we are all impacted. Putting negative political criteria or justification on our health is not smart. How we all survive will reflect how each of us acted. Time will tell.

Nancy Marquis, Waco

* * *

In Texas, there’s a growing fear over a resurgence of COVID-19 cases that could land us all back in quarantine. But before we stock up on canned goods and settle in for who knows how many more weeks of isolation, let’s remember that plenty of guidelines exist to keep us safe: for instance, mandated capacity limits in stores and restaurants; reconfigured dining rooms that comply with social distancing; and additional safety protocols for staff — not least of all wearing face coverings.

These kinds of safety precautions are being taken seriously. Whether it’s a glass partition between you and a grocery store worker or additional hand-sanitizer dispensers, businesses have been quick to adapt. But all of their efforts will be for naught if customers are too afraid to come in — or if these businesses are forced to close back down.

We need to get our economy on the path to recovery. With the majority of intensive care beds at Texas hospitals filled by non-COVID patients, it’s clear we’ve still got a handle on the viral spread. Let’s not let fear derail our progress.

Molly Vogt, San Antonio

* * *

Thank you, Waco Trib, for the expanded, annotated graph of COVID-19 data on Sunday’s Page One. There is much to be learned by studying it closely. Even a quick glance reveals the long period when we had kept the local contagion under control, followed by the explosion in cases when people became careless. I hope it will help to convince everyone to take proper precautions.

Bill Franklin, Waco

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