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LETTERS: Thoughts on COVID-19 treatment and voting by mail

LETTERS: Thoughts on COVID-19 treatment and voting by mail

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What’s up, doc?

A recent report shows that many countries have “crushed” COVID-19 virus infections as far as new infections and deaths are concerned and that the virus problem is drifting downward eventually toward complete control. Unfortunately, the United States is going in exactly the opposite direction. Why? What’s the difference?

It appears the countries getting the virus under control have populations who trust their experts, their immunologists, virologists and microbiologists, and have been following their recommendations. In the United States, by contrast, a steady drumbeat constantly rejecting any information from any source other than a particular tweeter and his favorite TV mouthpiece has severely weakened the public’s trust in valid information. Too many people have decided they know as much, or more, than the experts. Unfortunately, till a vaccine is developed, this attitude will continue to keep the United States in the forefront in the number of COVID-19 infections and deaths.

When the vaccine is eventually developed, the anti-vaxxers are on their own.

Benjamin Liles Jr., Salado

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We see reports on someone getting the coronavirus. Our question: Why is no one taking the preventive and cure medicine called hydroxychloroquine? The FDA approved this very successful drug. It is available at most pharmacies with a doctor’s prescription.

Thomas Ledbetter, Robinson

EDITOR’S NOTE: In the interest of accuracy, the Food and Drug Administration now advises against physicians prescribing hydroxychloroquine to coronavirus patients because of concerns the drug can cause heart problems and increase mortality rates. However, disagreement over the drug’s potential continues to rage, with President Trump again this week advising its use in coronavirus cases despite his agency’s warning. In short, if you can find a physician who will prescribe it to you for COVID-19, have at it. To quote FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn in an NBC interview Thursday: “A doctor and a patient need to assess the data that’s out there, FDA does not regulate the practice of medicine, and that in the privacy of the doctor-patient relationship is where that decision should be made.”

It’s in the mail

To Mr. McCauley’s July 17th letter: New York had to implement vote-by-mail at neck-breaking speed, which is why they’re still counting ballots. Oregon on the other hand has had vote-by-mail since 1998 and done successfully well, with more people voting and voting more often. I still believe the next step is to make voting mandatory and putting in an automatic voter registration system. It eliminates voter fraud and voter suppression at the same time. Texas can and should be a leader to show how the nation can secure everyone’s right to vote.

Jake Myers, Robinson

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