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LETTERS: Time to extend personal choice to all things

LETTERS: Time to extend personal choice to all things

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Personal choices

I’ve decided to stop fighting the misinformed, misguided, sometimes downright cynical and dangerous opinions surrounding this pandemic. I think it might be best to just go with the flow, no matter how idiotic I think the direction might be. Never one to do things half-heartedly, I have done some brainstorming on how to encourage this new “choice” philosophy to introduce more freedom into our daily lives. In this vein, I have some more suggestions for school districts and parents of public school kids to start this brand new school year with our new public attitude of “You choose because nothing you do affects anyone else at all.”

For starters, it’s high time parents’ and students’ choices regarding what they are or are not forced to wear be respected. I look forward to all dress codes being thrown out, for students and staff. If my 12th grade daughter chooses not to wear a bra, no longer can the school administrators send her home and shame her, disrupting her education because she had the audacity to have nipples in public.

Additionally, since I can see from the Wednesday article about Midway that teachers don’t feel like they’re under any obligation to model good behavior, I hope they will come to work in what they feel comfortable in. Sweats, pajamas, swimsuit, birthday suit, it’s your choice. If you’re not modeling your freedom for your students, you might actually be doing them a disservice.

I also embrace this new focus on being educated. It’s amazing how fast parents went from complaining about how their child’s fifth grade math was too hard for them to understand to now being experts on medicine, epidemiology, infectious diseases, statistics and immunology in just a few short months. I really admire how hard those parents have been studying. In this spirit, we should extend this “do what feels right for you” method to the students and their test answers. Look, if Little Jimmy feels like it’s right for him that Davy Crockett rode a dinosaur to victory at the Alamo, who are you to tell him that he’s wrong? Give that child an A+. Let freedom ring!

If any of this sounds ridiculous, now you know how the rest of us feel listening to you telling us that our children being legally mandated to share space with your superspreaders is a choice.

Elli Harris-Mevis, Hewitt

Teacher pay

All the schools in Texas

Will begin their classes soon.

Guess that’s pretty smart,

Maybe finish before next June.

But, you ask, just what

Do the teachers make?

Well, not enough money —

A fact for heaven’s sake.

But, here are the answers

To that question so real.

Teachers make their students read,

Write, and think. Does that appeal

As a vocation to pursue

When discipline is an issue?

It is a worthy mission,

Just don’t forget your tissue.

‘Cause this career is worthy,

And I’ll tell you what it takes:

Many dedicated teachers

And the difference that they make!

Ben Hagins, Woodway

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