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LETTERS: Trumpeting the George Floyd Act, common-sense immigration policies and protecting the innocent

LETTERS: Trumpeting the George Floyd Act, common-sense immigration policies and protecting the innocent

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Root causes

Eighteen U.S. Republican senators and congressmen recently visited the border for a survey of conditions and a photo op with the press. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is making much of the visit, blaming Biden for the problems.

Sen. Cruz, immigration from Central America has bedeviled presidents of both parties for the past 20 years. Having spent time in all the Central American countries and Mexico, I suggest that the best approach would be to work to:

Improve safety for Central Americans in their home towns;

Increase employment and grow the local economy, thus no need to migrate for work; and

Expand educational opportunities in these countries.

Finally, a well-regulated guest worker program could help provide farm and construction workers who are in short supply in the U.S. right now as well.

I hope your efforts in the Senate can work on the roots of the problem, not just put a coat of paint on it with a road trip to Eagle Pass or Laredo.

David Morrow, Waco


Robert Baird, my friend and Baylor colleague for over two decades, writes on wokeness and the urgency for moral progress in our country [March 28]. Dr. Baird points out: “We took without permission more than three million square miles of land from native inhabitants and while doing so we imported slaves and maintained the horror of slavery for over 200 years.”

Our moral introspection on national horrors should also examine the present and our recent past. In the last 50 years, America has participated in the world’s largest human holocaust with the abortion of well over 60 million preborn babies. These preborn human lives are extinguished with chemicals called RU-486, high-power suction and surgical dismemberment.

In Texas, the shedding of innocent blood happens at abortion centers in eight cities. Waco is one of these cities. During the oppression of Blacks and Native Americans, voices of opposition arose. Likewise, today woke voices challenge the mass killing of babies before their births. I appeal to readers to join the defense of those who cannot defend themselves.

John Pisciotta, Waco

Floyd Act

Do you know about qualified immunity?

It’s a doctrine created by the Supreme Court that gives a get-out-of-jail-free card to police officers who abuse their power. Qualified immunity is the cause of the shocking lack of accountability for cops who violate someone’s constitutional rights, here in Texas and nationwide.

We can address this issue in Texas by passing the George Floyd Act. This legislation is designed to stop police violence in Texas by ending qualified immunity for bad cops. The bill also includes other common-sense police reforms like banning chokeholds.

I support the George Floyd Act because I care about my rights and those of my fellow Texans. Communities across the state, from El Paso to Houston, deserve better policing. In order for that to happen, we must take action. That’s why I intend to call on our state lawmakers to endorse the George Floyd Act. I hope you will too.

Jean Genevie, Clifton

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