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LETTERS: Unmasked local judges, feeling homeless and Texas pride

LETTERS: Unmasked local judges, feeling homeless and Texas pride

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Judges, mask up!

The year is off to a great start. Another round of stimulus checks are being sent out. Vaccines are being dispersed locally. The tide is turning, but it will require all to be on board.

I was disappointed to see our newly elected Republican judges being sworn in, maskless, during a time when our local health officials are advising daily that things are not better within the city regarding the pandemic, and to continue practicing safety measures implemented by individuals who study these things for a living. As much faith as those judges placed in their Bibles while being sworn in, and the faith they want us to have in their judgments while leading our community legally and professionally, I was hoping to see that same faith placed in the health officials advising what to do during a pandemic. Until we get further information that COVID is indeed calming down and things are better, I will continue to be baffled at the open display of disregard for any measures being implemented by public health officials.

If you’re going to use the Bible to uphold the law, also trust that God gave us science and scientists. Our local leaders have an obligation to lead by example based on facts, regardless of personal fatigue. Here’s to a better, new year!

J. Anthony, Waco

Pride of Texas

The shenanigans of Ken Paxton, Louie Gohmert and Ted Cruz just have to make one proud to be a Texan.

Cal Slonaker, Waco

Stop being selfish

Today I was standing across from the courthouse next to my car in a wool coat with a Rolling Stones cap. I was waiting on a friend in a black SUV to arrive.

This reader was trading radios with someone who borrowed a radio receiver. In my hand, I was holding a $900 radio.

As I was standing there, I saw a black luxury SUV drive up and park. I started to approach, at a respectable distance, to determine if my friend had arrived in his black SUV; however, I was unsure about the make and model.

When I approached the luxury black SUV, the driver said, “I’m broke.” I said, “What did you say? That is a very bizarre remark.”

I suppose he thought I was homeless. I felt humiliated. This provided me with a brief insight into what it is like to be ignored and/or treated as less than human.

You never know when your fate may change. If you don’t want to give to folks, tell the truth or drive on down the road. Better yet, stop being selfish!

It does not feel good on the other end.

David Whitten, Waco

Add Joe

It was a rough four years for those reporters assigned to cover President Trump. One of their coping mechanisms was to refer to him as President Donald Trump. This reeks of snarkiness and being called out by both names when you are about to be reminded of your many transgressions.

However juvenile and trite it may be, the tradition must continue. Our president elect needs to be called President Joe Biden in order for him not to again become confused and refer to his wife Jill as president-elect.

Juanita Case, Hewitt

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