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LETTERS: Vaccinations should be required for all teachers

LETTERS: Vaccinations should be required for all teachers

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Vax all teachers

Two Central Texas teachers have died from COVID-19 complications. Whose fault was it? They were not vaccinated, but they also were teaching in an unhealthy school environment, one that was recommended by whom? Our illustrious governor whose order was “no mask mandates.” Let everyone be “free” to decide his own fate? I say “free to die!” We don’t say that about seat belts and lots of other things that impact public health.

Teachers are blamed for low test scores and then reprimanded. Governors should be blamed for poor judgment, then voted out of office. How any person can live with such an order is beyond my imagination.

And no telling how many children have had to deal with such recklessness. Some kids are sent to school with masks for protection and have none because they are in the minority.

Even some teachers and administrators do not wear masks. Can you imagine how confusing this is to a child? And speaking of confusing kids, why would a child pay attention in science class when the school is not paying attention to the science that could save their lives?

Speaking as a teacher of many years in the public school system, I can say teachers should be required to be vaccinated and wear masks.

If they don’t have enough sense to do this, then they shouldn’t be in the classroom anyway.

Joanne Hueske, Moody

Rules of tipping

Tip the person who delivers anything to your home, even if the store offers “free delivery.” It’s the right thing to do. If you can’t afford to tip, a nice “thank you” or “we appreciate what you do” will suffice.

If food is being delivered, and you can’t afford to tip, you can’t afford to be ordering takeout. Cook instead. The same thing if eating in a restaurant. Waiters and waitresses deserve tips, too.

Tip more to delivery drivers using their personal vehicles. They have additional expenses of fuel, car upkeep and car insurance — often not included in their pay. They usually get paid by the delivery … not minimum wage. Consider the distance and time they are saving you.

If it’s a prescription, have it filled by a pharmacy close to home, not the one across town where you lived previously.

Tape the tip to the front door in an envelope marked “driver” if you don’t see them face-to-face due to the pandemic. There’s always a way to show appreciation.

Virginia Finger, Elm Mott

Whose propaganda?

In response to a minister’s column in your paper [Leslie King, Sept. 9], I feel obligated to comment in considerable opposition to the premise of progressive language. I might be undereducated (master’s degree in engineering and business), but I do understand the language of the Bible and its recipes for life. I believe truth is absolute and only gets diluted when you get away from Jesus and the teachings of the Bible, principles that have stood the test of time. People are misled by modern liberal propaganda issuing from both media and progressive leaders that a fetus is a thing to be disposed of at will. Just ask yourself, where does most of the propaganda really come from?

Nowhere was Jesus or the Ten Commandments mentioned in the piece I’m referring to, which is the basis of our salvation and law as Christians. That’s rather telling.

Bill Clark, Waco

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