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LETTERS: Voting local, casting ballots & listening to the women

LETTERS: Voting local, casting ballots & listening to the women

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Vote Meek

It’s time to vote and we are electing local City Council members and a mayor in a November general election, not something we have done in my memory. Several people have asked if I knew anything about the folks running for these offices. They knew all about the state and national candidates, but not their mayor or City Council representative. To find out about these candidates, I urge you to read the Trib interviews and look at their websites or social media pages. Early voting started Tuesday and you can still vote by mail.

The first place on your ballot is Waco mayor and I ask you to support my friend Dillon Meek. I have worked with him on the Waco City Council and on various community boards and commissions. I know Dillon is considerate and thoughtful when deliberating those tough community issues that always have at least two sides to them. Above all Dillon has proven that he will work to find the common good in everything that comes before the council.

Being a mayor is as much about leading a group of five equally committed members to a place of mutual consensus, and Dillon has proven that he has that ability. Please be a considerate and knowledgeable voter for the governmental representatives closest to your community. As an aside I voted by mail and had no delays or reasons to question the validity of my ballot.

Malcolm Duncan, Waco

Vote in English!

In regard to Linda McManness’ letter in the Sunday Trib: I question why these ballot instructions are even published in Spanish. The official language of this county is English. All state business is conducted in that language. Persons from other lands must be proficient in English to be naturalized. If they are not citizens, they should not be voting in our elections. Other immigrants learned the language of the land; so why not those from Spanish-speaking lands? If you object to our language, then don’t accept our currency, which is printed in English.

R.W Schiemenz, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Entirely putting aside arguments for or against Mr. Schiemenz’s thesis, we should stress that the United States of America has no official language. While some states have declared English their official language, Texas does not.

Real Texas women

Maybe Gallagher & Schleicher should stay away permanently! I found their Oct. 10 column [“Listen to the women on whether to re-elect Trump”] offensive to me as a Texas woman. Not all women could be credited with possessing integrity, empathy and humanity. These traits are not evident in many women such as Kamala Harris or Michelle Obama. These women certainly are not speaking for me and other Texas women when they themselves possess no integrity, empathy or humanity. They deal in half-truths and lies, which are not qualities anyone needs, much less Texas women.

Real Texas women, or any women, should be truthful, strong, stand for right and are not condescending to others. Maybe Gallagher & Schleicher should do more research and discover some Texas women who are strong, truthful, can empathize and not be condescending to others.

Donna Davis, Waco

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