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LETTERS: Waco ISD should hold special election to replace DuPuy

LETTERS: Waco ISD should hold special election to replace DuPuy

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Elect, don’t appoint

Another day, another Waco ISD trustee resigning before the end of their term. Who could have seen this coming? Well, Trustee Keith Guillory and former candidate Hope Balfa Mustakim both called it.

Earlier this year, Trustee Guillory shared in an interview that DuPuy admitted he had zero intention of serving the duration of his term, and DuPuy refused to commit to a full three-year term when he was running against Mustakim in 2020. It seems that his private intentions and public posturing have come to pass, and Waco ISD parents have been deceived in the process.

Where does that leave us? The Waco ISD Board of Trustees needs to commit to holding a special election for this seat during the regularly scheduled May 2022 election, and leave this seat vacant until then.

When DuPuy ran the first time, he effectively lied to his constituents and denied them an informed choice as to who would serve for the next three years. He wanted to have full control over his successor, and thought it would be easier to run, win and hand-pick his replacement. He has no right to anoint an heir apparent to this seat, and the board should respect Waco ISD parents’ right to choose their next trustee without the meddling of the board members.

Certain members of this board have made it clear that they don’t respect the input of parents and voters (see the late-scheduled agenda item concerning school safety a few weeks back), and to appoint another trustee with an election right around the corner would be more evidence that this board does not respect the will of the people they claim to represent.

Do the democratic thing and let the people decide. Waco ISD voters have no problem seeking new leadership, and we’ve already shown our strength at the ballot box and at the podium. Do the right thing.

Peter Mungiguerra,


Resume wanted

Can someone tell me what Beto O’Rourke has ever done as a politician other than draw a paycheck? Or just have a “record of generating attention and cash” to run. I don’t fancy either party, but I would like to know something about what a guy has done to earn my vote. Has this guy written or proposed any kind of legislation in Texas of any significance? Someone please write an article on his accomplishments because I have never seen anything on that.

David Picciandra,


We have names

Congratulations to 2022 National Merit Commended Scholars Sheryl Loden and Ellis Sriram from Live Oak Classical School [“Live Oak students named Commended Scholars,” Nov. 19]. I wish that I could also include congratulations to each of their parents, but just the names of their fathers were listed in the article. The mothers of these students were only referred to as: “Mrs. (husband’s name).”

Based on its style, it is clear that the story was written by someone at the school and sent to the newspaper for publication. If, in their submissions to the Tribune-Herald, the administrators at Live Oak Classical School want to use the antiquated style of referring to women only in a way as defined by their relationship to their husbands, then it should be incumbent on the editors to inform them that such a style is not in accordance with the Associated Press Stylebook which calls for men and women to be referred to by their first and last names.

These women have names — let’s use them.

Sara Downes,


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