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LETTERS: Waco should support veterans; more on Nobody's Fool; rental assistance

LETTERS: Waco should support veterans; more on Nobody's Fool; rental assistance

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Shame on Waco

Do you honor and support our veterans? How? Who sponsors one of our nation's largest Veterans Day parades? Do you know?

The McLennan County Veterans Association normally sponsors one of the nation's largest Veterans Day parades in Waco. This year, due to spiking COVID-19 numbers in September, the MCVA had to make a very difficult decision. MCVA canceled the 2021 parade.

The Stan C. Parker Foundation decided to organize a parade and kudos to them.

My question, after retiring from the VA after 30 years, why do veterans have to organize this honor? Most people in Waco think that the city sponsors this parade. Contrary to popular belief, the MCVA pays the city of Waco to sponsor this parade.

It’s past time Waco citizens to step up and honor our veterans. Lloyd Coffman, the president of the MCVA, served 24 years in the military. He, nor any of the other numerous MCVA members, get to sit back and enjoy the parade.

Shame on you, city of Waco, and those citizens who say they honor our veterans.

Ruth Coffman, McGregor

We were harassed

I take exception to Doel Garcia’s Nov. 10 letter, titled “No charges filed,” as it’s erroneous on several things. I personally escorted children down Washington Avenue to the Waco Convention Center where they would attend Nobody’s Fool. Without exception, a protestor would confront the child and me, waving pamphlets and posters of aborted fetuses and aggressively asking how we could support Planned Parenthood.

On one occasion a protestor took a picture of the child and me and told me he would post it on social media. Believe me, the protestor’s actions were frightening to the child and angered me. The aggressive actions of all of the protestors were in my opinion on the edge of violating our right to walk on a public sidewalk.

Also, my wife, a career teacher, taught classes at Nobody’s Fool. She told me that the young girls were very curious about sex, hygiene and other topics. In her opinion the curriculum was age-appropriate and that all materials used were given to parents to review before enrolling their child.

I understand people not supporting Planned Parenthood for their own reasons but I don’t support their lies. Planned Parenthood doesn’t exploit women with birth control. Parents reviewed the materials used in Nobody’s Fool in advance. The aggression toward escorts, parents and children while walking to the event was a primary reason to discontinue the program.

David L. McLatcher, Waco

Information lacking

Regarding Tuesday morning's article: Funds for rental assistance being lost is a travesty. With the growing number of low-income senior citizens in the area, how are people informed of the help that is being offered? Many seniors don't have the privilege of getting to and from agencies as some others do. We have to do better. Don't know how, but we sure need to.

Loretta Hayes, Waco

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