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LETTERS: We've traded the golden calf for a golden SUV

LETTERS: We've traded the golden calf for a golden SUV

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Golden SUV

This letter is in response to the Sunday column in your newspaper by Dr. Robert Baird, retired Baylor professor. I might suggest that Dr. Baird is walking in darkness with respect to his opinion about mixing religion and politics in the USA. Is he aware that about 80 percent of Americans believe in a higher being, who we usually refer to as God? Probably the majority of these people also are Christians as well — expressing their belief in Jesus Christ.

If one goes way back to the founding principles of our forefathers, many were God-fearing men. Also, many immigrants came to America in search of religious freedom. In the past 100 years we are gradually turning into a nation which has adopted and has seen a new “religion” come on the scene: secularism. Beliefs in a higher being no longer take precedence. It is sort of a humanistic belief that grew out of the humanist manifesto. The original manifesto did indicate there was a God, but a later version excluded God. It is what you do and what you possess that makes you who you are. Of course, this has lot to do with marketing, TV, Hollywood, the proliferation of computers, cell phones and the arrival of the self-made man (or woman).

As the song goes, “I did it my way.”

We were created for a higher purpose. We need to realize that everything we have is fleeting and we are only stewards of our gifts for a short time. Keep in mind a metaphor from Bill Shakespeare: “All that glitters is not gold.” We no longer worship the golden calf, but rather the golden SUV.

Bill McBride, Woodway

Donate stimulus

Some folks do not like the idea of our government giving $1,400 or more to our people to help the economy. If one does not like the idea they can certainly help our economy by giving the money they receive to the local food pantry. That is very needed due to the fact that many of our people are without jobs. Many crimes are being committed and our police are working hard to stop the crime. A lot of places do not pay the police enough, so contribute to your local police. Just don’t gripe and then keep the money yourself.

Jim Denton, Gatesville

The 1B boat

I totally agree with both letters in Sunday’s Trib regarding the registration process for a COVID-19 vaccination. My husband and I both signed up for the waiting list on the first Sunday it was available. After 26 repeated phone calls to a busy phone signal, I gave up and registered us online that same Sunday. That was three weeks ago. Today starts week four of waiting to be notified of an appointment. You can now call the 750-1890 phone number (with no busy signal) but no one answers. What’s the point of bothering?

It’s to the point that we now laugh about “getting the vaccine.” I guess the McLennan County health folks have decided that a 67-year old cardiac patient, married to a 75-year old two-time cancer survivor just isn’t worth wasting their precious vaccine on. Stupid us, we actually believed that the people labeled 1B were a semi-priority. Seems like we’re in the same boat as a lot of the older residents in our fair county.

Gayle Stone, Waco

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