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LETTERS: What is the purpose of the church?

LETTERS: What is the purpose of the church?

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Church’s purpose

I wish to respond to Jimmy Dorrell’s column of April 11.

Though well-intended, there is a flaw in Dorrell’s reasoning. That flaw is in answer to the question, “What is the purpose of the church?”

First and foremost it is the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the salvation on humanity. That is self-explanatory and needs no further unpacking.

However, another great end is the promotion of social righteousness. Social righteousness is not the same as social justice. Righteousness speaks to nobility, sinlessness or, as the Tribune-Herald’s opinion page banner says, “truth, honor and integrity.” Justice, on the other hand, focuses on fairness, equality, impartiality, etc. The church is to promote and fight for righteousness. When that is known among the people then justice follows. When righteousness is known there is no need for gun control, discussions about violence between groups or who is being denied which rights.

I agree with Dorrell’s closing paragraph: “In our silence and amid fears of honest discussion about substantive matters, unfortunately we keep doing what we do, while more and more walk away.”

However, the walking is not due to the church’s failure to address justice, it is due to its thinking too small and failing to lead the people in the way of righteousness.

Stephen Rehrig, McKinney

For Houston

Consistency is what the Waco ISD school board needs most right now and that’s why I encourage Wacoans to reelect Robin Houston for the at-large seat in this election. During the challenges and difficulties of the past year, Robin has led with courage and conviction as students, teachers and administrators navigated scenarios that could not have been imagined just a short time ago.

Robin was appointed to fill the at-large position in June 2019. During her nearly two years of serving on the board, she has worked on increasing technology on campuses, improving students’ academic achievement, developing incentive plans to retain teachers and literacy initiatives. She has experience with many facets of public school education, including advanced academics, special education, facilities and long-range planning. Over the years, she has volunteered in Waco ISD elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. Her professional career as an attorney — specifically as an advocate for children — demonstrates her dedication to bettering the lives of young people in McLennan County.

Robin’s experience as a Waco ISD graduate, parent of Waco ISD students, dedicated volunteer and current school board member distinguishes her as the clear choice for the at-large seat on the Waco ISD school board. As the parent of a current Waco High student and a recent graduate, she most definitely has my vote.

Aimee Wood, Waco

Eyes and ears

Watching Derek Chauvin’s defense attorney’s closing argument is a lot like watching Fox News.

“They told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” — George Orwell

Cal Slonaker, Waco

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