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LETTERS: Where is city, county leadership on COVID-19 pandemic?

LETTERS: Where is city, county leadership on COVID-19 pandemic?

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Leadership, now

Having read the most recent Waco-McLennan County Public Health District weekly COVID-19 status report, I am shocked by these sobering statistics. The charts and graphs show a steep increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Waco and McLennan County find themselves returning to the darkest days of the pandemic.

This horrific news should make our community leaders step up as they did in the early months of the pandemic. With the unwavering guidance of Mayor Kyle Deaver and Judge Scott Felton, most of us were fortunate to live through the worst and see the vaccine become a reality. Joined by doctors and health officials, their weekly informative press conferences brought us facts impossible to ignore and their actions saved lives.

We worked together as a community, and the case numbers and the death rates of our neighbors plummeted. The health district and both hospitals rolled out vaccinations with great efficiency. Containing COVID-19 was in reach. However, many health officials warned that if we didn’t vaccinate as many as possible, a more contagious and deadly mutation would likely happen.

The health district report shows with great clarity that we should have heeded that warning. Our wide community outbreak from the delta variant is outpacing the state and many other places, so much so that our community was a story on a national news broadcast with the report of “two teachers from one school, near Waco, dying within one week of each other.”

Is all of this suffering and death not enough to warrant our city and county leaders showing the same attention and courage that was once shown brilliantly? At least give us the facts on a weekly basis so that people can make informed decisions. If the facts indicate certain actions, then maybe you should defy the governor as our courageous Waco ISD Superintendent Susan Kincannon did with mask mandates to protect our students and teachers.

What’s the worst that could happen? You could save lives.

Ellie Caston, Waco

Slap in the face

I grieve for what will come out of SB 8, the law that allows any stranger to accuse a person of helping another to get an abortion so that the stranger can pocket $10,000.

I grieve for the parishioners who looked forward to their baby, until the doctor told them the baby was dying inside the mother. She looked quite pregnant; then she wasn’t, and there was no baby. But a meddling or anti-abortion vigilante neighbor can now file a lawsuit against her husband, doctor and medical clinic, with permission from the state of Texas. And against me, for listening to their heartache and praying with them before the procedure to end what was already ended.

This law is a slap in the face to freedom-loving Texans and to all who try to love their neighbors.

Donna M. Wright,

Valley Mills

Driving a stick

People are continually mocking the CDC and its policies regarding masks — “need them, don’t need them, wear them for your safety and the community, nope, they are dangerous and make things worse.”

Reminds me of the process of learning to drive a car with a standard transmission: lots of jerking, stops and starts until the goal of safe driving occurs.

Learn from that experience. Wear a mask, keep yourself and others safe. That end result is our goal.

Nancy Marquis, Waco

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