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LETTERS: Why did you give us Pete Sessions?

LETTERS: Why did you give us Pete Sessions?

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Why us?

So, Pete Sessions is now my representative in Congress. But as we have learned: Watch what they do, not what they say. Pete had a lot of pretty words in the Trib after the election about all the good he was going to do for Central Texas.

What he has done since the election is go to Facebook and post links to dubious sites inciting skepticism and heaping scorn on our electoral process and our democracy. He has called the election a fraud and posts about the latest conspiracy theories. He is working hard for Lev, Igor, Donald and his party — not us and certainly not me. So, to the 171,390 people in Congressional District 17 who voted for Pete Sessions, I’d like to ask a question for the 294,419 of us that did not vote for him. Why did you do this to us?

Cheryl Foster, Waco

Missing JFK

I will never forget the day when I learned that the president of the United States of America was assassinated in Dallas, Nov. 22, 1963. I remember where I was, what I was wearing and what day of the week it was.

He was our 35th president. However, when I read the Sunday paper, the only reference to the event that I could find was a mention in “Today in History.” Couldn’t the Trib have carved out a little piece of the paper to devote to a life given in the service of his country?

Jill Francis Michaels, Waco

Scorched earth

Let this sink in: We have a President who has responded to his obvious defeat in an unprecedented manner by implementing a “scorched earth” exit strategy. He is intentionally sabotaging the country, its institutions and President-elect Joe Biden. If not checked, this will harm all Americans regardless of political party.

Republicans in Congress must rise up and stop him; they know the danger of not doing so and now must develop the spine to act. Members of his administration at all levels of government must refuse to carry out Trump’s orders; as history reminds us, this is the ethically required and patriotic action. Finally, we must hope the president’s family and friends will intervene. Democracy is on the line.

Richard Cherwitz, Austin

Trump’s own fault

That Donald Trump lost the election is no great surprise. He systematically insulted potential voting blocks. For example, he insulted Muslims and American Indians. He insulted heroic soldiers by calling them losers. Another example would be the loss of some Arizona votes by insulting Sen. John McCain.

Despite all of the above, ironically, had he been realistic about the coronavirus, he would have likely won the election. From the outset, had he said we should take the virus seriously, we should all wear masks, and we should abide by medical advice, things would have gone better for him. Notably, innumerable lives would have been saved, he would have won grudging admiration, and thus would have gained more votes.

What an inexplicable political approach!

Donald K. Lewis, M.D., Waco

Thanks given

We give our thanks to Robinson ISD for the delicious meal they provided for the old folks like us who live in Robinson. The kids were great and did a fantastic job. We really enjoyed the handmade Thanksgiving card that was enclosed. It was beautiful!

Bette & Jerry Smith, Robinson

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