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Mail-in ballots

I just delivered my absentee ballot to the McLennan County Elections Office and thought some voters wishing to do the same might benefit from information not made easily available on the process. Though there are no signs directing voters delivering ballots through the building’s main entrance, one should, wearing a mask, take the elevator on the first floor (left) or stairwell on that floor (right) to the basement. In the basement proceed down the long hallway to the elections office.

There are no signs or helpful individuals to direct voters, but one need not get into line with those voting in the room to the right. Turn instead to the office on the left. Once in that office, you will need to wait for the one clerk who handles hand-carried ballots, show your photo identification and wait for a sign-in form to be prepared. Then you will need to sign in on the form, then put your ballot in the ballot box next to the sign-in platform.

Be prepared to take a few minutes for the process; this isn’t a quick “drop and run.” The procedure is safe and secure even if signage and directions are not readily available. Per Gov. Abbott’s recent order, this office is the only one in the county that can accept hand-delivered absentee ballots.

Harry Harelik, Waco

* * *

I’m proud to be a citizen of the United States and especially in Bosque County. As an early voting ballot board judge, I’m honored to count and protect all citizens’ votes. I do so with fellow board members. This is such a privilege to bolster our right as citizens.

A vote is applied for by mail. A ballot is sent to the voter by the county election clerk. The voter returns the ballot by mail or hand delivers it to the election clerk. Then the early voting ballot board verifies signatures on the voter registration roster with the signatures on the mail-in ballot envelope. Any discrepancies are checked by other board members, at least one Democrat and one Republican. When both agree on signature match, the ballot is opened and set to be counted. If a signature is not a match, the election clerk is to notify the voter and a provisional ballot is offered. This is to ensure all voters can vote legally even if they omit information or forget to sign their mail-in ballot envelope.

In short, all this talk of voter fraud is so unfounded. We citizens have been conducting elections successfully with little error for at least a century in our modern era. All Democrats and all Republicans and all independents are in charge of each and every vote in each and every county in America. I may not agree with other early voting ballot board members’ private political views but I do respect their integrity to protect our votes and make sure each vote counts.

Thomas R. Schenck, Clifton

Dave 4 Sale

Dave Morrow: If you want to see where your campaign signs [“Dave 4 Mayor”] are going, drive around on Friday and Saturday. People are stealing them for yard sale signs. People just don’t care about anything anymore except what they want and need. It’s a sad world right now. If I was running for office, I would use a sign that’s not so desirable for other things.

Linda Eaton, Waco

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