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Roar of the Crowd: Plenty disagree over public order involving in-person schooling

Roar of the Crowd: Plenty disagree over public order involving in-person schooling

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Dr. Farley Verner, medical authority for the Waco-McLennan County Public Health District, on Tuesday issued an order delaying in-person public and private school classes and other campus activities till after Sept. 7 but allowing online classes. Each school system in McLennan County must submit a plan to the health district by Aug. 21 concerning resumption of classes and campus activities. Trib Facebook reactions offer a pretty good reflection of conflicting sentiments nationwide, for better or worse.

Amanda Krieg: This makes absolutely no sense to me. What is delaying school 2-3 weeks going to do when we’ve been fighting the virus for four months now? So my kid can continue to go to day care but not go to school?

Jake Raabe: Good for them. Teaching is already a thankless enough job. The men and women who work in our local schools shouldn’t have their lives risked by reopening schools while COVID cases are skyrocketing. We all want things to go back to normal, but they aren’t going to go back to normal while a deadly pandemic is spreading fast in our community. Our teachers deserve better than having their lives gambled with.

Tracey Schneider Clark: I agree but delaying classroom teaching until Sept. 7th isn’t buying them anything. People will ignore social distancing over Labor Day weekend and cases will increase within a couple of weeks just like [they did] after Memorial Day and July 4.

Cathy Jo Sawyer Almanza: Starting right back after a three-day holiday weekend seems irresponsible. Why not also wait out the two- or three-week incubation period at home before sending kids back on buses and back to classrooms? If doing one makes sense, then doing the other makes even more sense.

Lisa L. Warren Gray: There has not been one case in the entire world where a teacher has been infected with the coronavirus by a student. Wake up, do some research. You are being lied to!

Marlyn Bonner: The students are far more dangerous than this virus with its 99.96% survival rate.

Tracey Schneider Clark: What authority does this person have over school districts? What about MCC, Baylor, TSTC? I think someone has overstepped their boundaries.

Amber Dawn Lipsey: The governor said it would be up to local health districts.

Jon Wilson: The order, if you read it, clearly states that it covers pre-K through 12th grade, so colleges and universities are not directly affected, although I would not be surprised to see them follow suit.

Alvin Ace Smith: Dr. Verner and the health department sounds like a dictatorship. Let everyone get back to normal!

Debbie Ferguson: That is not smart. Over 1,000 Texans have died in the last 10 days alone! They are trying to save some teachers and possibly students’ lives! There is so much about this virus that’s unknown that no one should take chances. As far as normal goes, in case you haven’t been paying attention, that will not happen anytime soon, even if they introduce a vaccine.

Jason Butler: Let me just say before COVID we also had 1,000 people dying in 10 days.

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