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Roar of the crowd: Readers sound on Texas mask mandate's demise

Roar of the crowd: Readers sound on Texas mask mandate's demise

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Gov. Greg Abbott’s decision to do away with the statewide mask mandate on Wednesday drew hundreds of comments on the Tribune-Herald’s Facebook page this week. Below is a sample of the comments:

Lorraine Fuller: People could just respect the wishes of the business and either wear the mask or go somewhere else.

AJ Lewis: They won’t, we will see a lot of “Karens” showing out in full force.

Lorraine Fuller: Sadly, I think you are right. And they will yell at the poor employees who had no say in the policy and are just trying to do a job.

Rob Marshall: Bingo! That’s what we are doing. Only going to businesses that REQUIRE masks for everyone. We will NOT be not spending our money at those that do NOT require masks.

Kimberly Burkhart: I’ll take my business elsewhere! Burn the mask!

Rick Brashear: I’d do whatever the business owner asked if it’s a place I’ve always done business with. Everyone has different beliefs and when it comes to entering a place, I don’t mind wearing one. If they don’t require it, I don’t.

Donnie Edwards: My body my choice, on the masks you know the longer you wear the masks the more mind control and being paranoid you become.

Destiny Michelle Rodz: Women everywhere been saying my body my choice, yet we are governed on all aspects of our body. Welcome to the outrage.

Jason Butler: What some people don’t understand is that businesses are OPEN to the public but are still private property. This is how they can refuse service. I personally don’t give a flip about masks. Point is you don’t wanna wear it, cool. And if a business wants you to, don’t go there and keep your mouth shut. Stop all the crying and just live YOUR life.

Claudia Adamek: The state gave you back your freedom to choose and y’all are complaining about it! Go where you want, do what you want. Stop trying to convince others that you are the only one who is right.

Bill Pennington: The State? You mean Guv HotWheels, the Republican that mandated the mask order to begin with, and when everyone got mad (even the Neanderthals) he froze Texans to death and blamed it on his buddies. Now, the Texas AG (the indicted one) wants to sue people for not undoing what they started. That state?

Nancy Williams-Yoakum: It’s the same as no shirt no shoes no service. No mask no service. It’s their right to refuse service to anyone.

Deborah J Barker: I’ve had my vaccine. Why do I still need to wear a mask?

Kerry Maus Ortiz Maus: So, a business can refuse service to a gay couple buying a wedding cake, but God forbid they refuse service if you don’t wanna wear a mask ... watch your hypocrisy, please.

Erica Simmons: Because being gay does not kill you. That is a stupid analogy.

Margaret Myers: Funny, y’all are all about freedom until it doesn’t go your way. Businesses are private property and have the freedom to require you to follow a set of rules to be there. Follow them and support your local businesses.

Charles Bastian: Glad to see that businesses are showing that they actually care about their staff and customers.

Jerry M West: Very few actually do. Most are more worried about possible and future lawsuits.

Charles Bastian: Yeah, I can’t argue against that point. Sad, but true.

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