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LETTERS: Readers endorse primary runoff candidates

LETTERS: Readers endorse primary runoff candidates

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Battle for the 17th

As campaign manager for Pete Sessions for Congress, a lot of friends have asked me, “Why did you jump out so early in support of Pete Sessions?” My answer: I have known Pete for many years and think the world of him. It’s really exciting to think Waco could have a congressman as talented and influential as Pete Sessions.

Pete is a man of many accomplishments and utmost integrity and will serve Congressional District 17 in an exceedingly beneficial way. Beneficial for our country! And beneficial for Waco! Since Pete has already served a number of years in Congress and is so highly esteemed by his colleagues there, one of the real advantages in electing him would be that he will go to the “head of the class,” so to speak: He takes his seniority back to Washington with him. Simply put, this gives Waco greater influence in Washington. And as past chairman of the House Rules Committee and past chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, he is a proven leader! Our country has a lot of problems that need to be resolved.

Pete Sessions has the leadership skills, the tenacity, the talent and the experience to tackle those problems.

Wes Bailey, Waco

* * *

Pete Sessions is running his campaign straight from Bill Clinton’s playbook. Tell enough half-truths, give enough non-answers and throw enough dirt at your opponent and you will win. He did that in Dallas and the voters got smart and after 22 years he lost to a rookie. He said he was mischaracterized and outspent. Perhaps he was defeated because he’s past his prime.

Hello, District 17! Just down the road from Dallas and easy pickings for good old Pete, nothing but rookies. Only problem: He runs into Renee Swann and she gets the endorsement of Congressman Bill Flores. She wants to represent District 17 as a citizen legislator. Now Pete is back to the playbook.

I have known Renee for 40 years. She bought her oldest son his first rifle at 12. I taught him how to shoot at my ranch. She is very passionate about our right to keep and bear arms. Rush Limbaugh was promoting voters to vote for Hillary in the primary, general election NO! Anyone who likes Pete Sessions and meets Renee will flip immediately and vote for her.

There are signs everywhere in District 17 telling you who to vote for. When you see a sign, DANGER NO SWIMMING, you do not go swimming. If you go swimming in the swamp with Pete, you will get what you deserve.

It is time to elect a real person, a citizen legislator who will go to Washington and represent you. Elect Renee Swann for Congress and you will get truth, honesty and someone who does the right thing.

Joe A. Hunter, Clifton

* * *

When Pete Sessions represented the 32nd District of Texas, he was a highly professional and accessible congressman. Growing up in the 32nd, we were all familiar with Mr. Sessions as he came home for more than just his reelection. He visited schools, took an interest in the local Boy Scout troops and never forgot about the people he served. His friendliness and approachability prove he has a servant’s heart.

Having a representative who truly cares about his constituents is important, but having one capable of enacting policy for those who elected him is truly incredible. Given his decades of experience on Capitol Hill, he is more than just an average policymaker. His time as chair of the Rules Committee proved that he knew how to get things done in Congress. It is something that many often overlook, but having a senior congressman means your district’s voice is louder.

Mr. Sessions did great things for the city of Dallas, and I’m fortunate to have the opportunity to vote for him again as a resident of the 17th Congressional District. Thanks for coming home, Pete.

Jake Whitten, Texas A&M ’20, College Station

* * *

I encourage you to vote in the primary runoff. If voting in the Republican primary runoff, your choice is simple. Are you tired of business as usual in D.C.? Are you ready for change? Do you want to help President Trump drain the swamp? If so, please join me in voting for Renee Swann.

You can choose Pete Sessions, a career politician who has spent 22 years in the Dallas area till defeated in 2018. He sent our manufacturing jobs to China, passed a massive spending bill by raising taxes, abused earmarks to pay off donors, paid for lobbyists to meet him at a Las Vegas strip club and currently uses campaign contributions to pay criminal defense attorneys more than $80,000 to take care of his ongoing Ukraine legal problems.

Or choose Renee Swann, a citizen candidate who has lived many years in our district creating jobs and building a successful business while raising a family. Some things Renee will do for us is advocate for term limits, fight to hold China accountable by demanding we bring critical manufacturing back to America and work to pass a balanced budget. We deserve our next representative to have a clear head, pure heart and a focus on serving us and our needs instead of serving himself. Please join me in voting for Renee Swann to represent CD-17 in Congress.

Allen Sassano, College Station

Heading West

Although I show no signs of COVID, I have spent the last three weeks “self-isolating” in a tiny cabin up near the Continental Divide in Colorado. This experience has offered me solace and a chance to reflect on politics, protests and pandemics. It has also given me a chance to earnestly pray for peace.

Tuesday is the runoff election for the 19th District Court. Thank you to all who supported and encouraged me in the primary election race. And thank you to everyone who cares about this judicial office.

I will be driving home this week to get back to work and to vote for the most qualified remaining candidate: Thomas West. Thomas and I have practiced criminal law on the same side, and even on opposite sides, for more than 28 years. He is a designated criminal law “specialist” who will serve our county with honor, humility and honesty.

Susan Kelly, Waco

EDITOR’S NOTE: Susan Kelly was a Republican candidate for 19th State District judge in the primary election race.

Commissioner runoff

While I do not live in Precinct 1 and cannot vote for Jim Smith, candidate for McLennan County Commissioner, allow me to offer my support for his candidacy.

Jim and I are lifelong friends, meeting when we were in high school in the mid-1960s. Jim graduated from Richfield High School and I graduated from Waco High School. We played high school baseball, competed against each other and later became teammates on the Waco Missions, a local semi-pro baseball team. We were classmates at Hill College, forming a friendship and bond spanning 55-plus years.

To my friends and relatives who live in South Waco, Beverly Hills, Robinson, Lorena, Bruceville-Eddy or Moody, I wholeheartedly recommend Jim for McLennan County Commissioner, Precinct 1. He has dedicated most of his life to public service. For 34 years he served Robinson ISD as a teacher, coach, principal and superintendent. He was elected to four terms on Robinson City Council. Jim is fair, honest and a fiscally responsible person who will take care of your tax dollars and respond to your precinct needs.

Gilbert Montemayor, Waco

* * *

We in Precinct 1 are fortunate to have two outstanding citizens as candidates for the position of county commissioner. Both have outstanding experience in public service. One, however, has exceptional experience and demonstrated abilities for the job of county commissioner; the other has zero experience preparing him for this position. Chrissy Brault is clearly the most qualified to serve our precinct with immediate and seamless transfer of highly effective leadership.

Jim Smith is a good person with a successful career as school superintendent. He is well into retirement and on the near side of 80 years old. The elephant in the room: Why in the world is he wanting to do this very busy, demanding and critically important job?

On the other hand, Mrs. Brault has five years’ experience as chief administrator of Precinct 1. She is the perfect candidate for county commissioner and at the apex of a highly successful career of public service! Vote for Chrissy Brault!

Dennis Camp, Moody

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jim Smith turned 73 in March.

* * *

It’s with distinct pleasure I support Jim Smith for McLennan County Commissioner, Precinct 1. I have known Jim for the better part of six decades as a friend, teammate, colleague and confidant. During all those years, he has worn many hats, not the least of which is service to Robinson Independent School District. He expanded his public service to include 38 years as a reserve deputy sheriff for McLennan County, Robinson City councilman and voting member of the Texas Sports Hall of Fame.

As a lifelong resident of the county, Jim is ready and willing to take on a new challenge. With his resume, drive and experience, I have no doubt he will do all he can to serve Precinct 1 on a daily basis.

Johnny Tusa, Waco

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