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1.3.2022 Chata is a sweet 4-year-old reddish fawn female with cropped ears and docked tail. After producing several litters of... View on PetFinder

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Face it: You’re not going to use that hideous color of paint anywhere in your house. If you think you might need to touch up any of the rooms in your house, figure out which can of paint goes with which room, and label it with the room (dining room) and color (linen white). Remember that you can’t throw away full (or partially full) paint cans, so you’ll either need to find a hazardous-waste collection site or pour clean kitty litter in the can to dry up any remaining paint before disposing of the kitty litter and paint, and recycling the can.

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TikTok creator @findsdealsanddupes created a two-story litter box using an $89 Ikea cabinet. Cutting out a hole in the side allows the cats to move in and out of the litter cabinet while hiding unsightly litter boxes and cutting down on the smell.

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