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Before gathering a flock of feathered friends, it’s important to remember that birds can be picky about with whom they choose to socialize; a wrong pairing can result in more than a loss of a few feathers.

TikTok creator @scheckeats claims that challah is one of the best bread recipes from beginners since it turns out more reliably in a home oven. See for yourself with this recipe.

If you need to remove an old finish from furniture, you need to know this hack from @homesweetfarmhousewa. Instead of painstakingly sanding down the finish, use Easy Off oven cleaner. The fume-free version is a welcome change from harsh smelling paint stripper.

While most pasta chip recipes use an air fryer to get the pasta extra crispy, those with limited kitchen space can still make this tasty TikTok trend in the oven. Just follow @himynameispriya’s recipe for oven baked pasta chips.

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Build plenty of pies with an open oven, mini stamp tools and all the fixings, including cheese, pepperoni and pineapple chunks. The set even includes classic pizza baking tools like a mini pizza peel. $19.99 at Amazon

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If you haven’t yet tried creating a meal using a two-quart casserole dish, you are in for a treat. Here’s a look at the best two-quart casserole dishes.

With more college students returning to dorm rooms next year, this pasta cooker reviewed by @hello_happy_mom is the perfect gift for high school grads. Simply fill the gadget with pasta, add water, and put it in the microwave for a perfectly cooked hot meal without an oven.

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Get in a serving of fruit with these quick and easy strawberry and blueberry sheet pan pancakes from @pricklypear86. After 20 minutes in the oven at 375 degrees, you’ll have a family sized batch of pancakes without the fuss.

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6. Enjoy warm beverages and foods, and use the oven and stove to cook them. Since foods higher in fat and protein are metabolized slowly by the body, those could make you feel warmer, Smith said. "Consider hearty soups with beans and meat." Slow cooking meals can help generate heat throughout the day.

Are you making multiple recipes and have only one oven? If you’re baking something and the two recipes have a temperature difference of only 2…

When you turn on your oven to make a roast or a lasagna, it takes a significant amount of energy to heat up. To be as energy-efficient as poss…

One easy way to make healthy snacks at home is to use a dehydrator to transform fresh fruits and veggies into delicious treats. But investing …

One of the biggest energy hogs in the kitchen is the oven, and choosing the right appliances to cook with can make a big difference for energy…

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