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Life is good for Socks the white-footed tabby cat until his owners bring home a new pet ... their newborn baby.

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7. Layer on the clothes. "Layering is critical," Smith said. "Even thin layers added together to increase one's ability to retain heat ... focus on keeping the torso warm. Often an extra shirt or vest can warm your hands and feet more than an extra pair of socks or gloves." Inexpensive pairs of tights or long johns can be worn underneath clothes. However, be sure that layering doesn't make your clothing tight, he added, since that could reduce blood flow and thus your body's ability to get warm blood to those areas. Wearing a hat, too, can also keep the heat in.

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Wool or wool-blend socks are superior to cotton, because wool can wick away sweat and still insulate properly. Cotton soaks up sweat, loses its insulation, and can become sodden.


DEAR ANNIE: It seems as if many people are looking for an alternative to buying things for people for Christmas out of habit.

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Nothing screams holiday cheer like a Christmas card of a grown man and a diaper-wearing toddler in matching neon green “Borat” mankini bathing suits, dress socks and shoes, standing awkwardly on the beach, hoping your holidays are “a very niiiice.”

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Even on its best days, parenting is tough stuff. There's always some new mess, mishap or meltdown to navigate. We parents could use a little help along the way. Here are 26 parenting hacks to help make life a little easier.

DEAR ANNIE: Is there a right order and a wrong order for putting on one’s shoes and socks? I find that on most days, I put on both socks and t…

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