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While the pandemic pummeled Hawaii in its early stages, the Aloha State’s tourism industry is back, and by some metrics, bigger than ever. The number of tourists from the U.S. mainland is higher than it was before the pandemic — and average spending per trip is also higher.More demand means higher prices — and the...

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If you’re like me, this week, you'll probably feel the same thankful I-don’t-need-to-shop-this-much-again-for-another-year sigh of relief. But even when the year-end holidays have passed, you might still be seeing the ghosts of all your purchases on your bank statement, especially if you overspent to the point of overdrafting and are dealing with extra fees. Leaning on...

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In the epic period film “Babylon,” Telvin Griffin portrays a saxophonist. “Without going too deep into the plot, because everything is still under wraps, Reggie is trying to catch his big break during this crazy transition period in the Golden Age of Hollywood,” said the actor, 32, who said his middle school music lessons paid off. “I did know how to play the sax prior to accepting this role. I actually played in the sixth- and seventh-grade band.” Hailing from Texarkana, Arkansas, Griffin – who currently lives in Southern California – said he’s looking forward to spending time with his family this holiday season.

This holiday season, working families across America are struggling through the worst bout of inflation in decades. A typical household has lost more than $7,000 in purchasing power since January 2021 due to prices rising faster than incomes. The primary cause of this inflation has been dramatic increases in federal spending – financed through excessive borrowing and unprecedented money ...

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Credit cards are so ubiquitous that almost every adult has at least one in their wallet at this very moment. But, if we’re being honest, a system of convenient payment isn’t the main draw of credit cards. For many, it’s the rewards potential that makes using a credit card more appealing than a simple debit […]

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Earning a welcome bonus on a new credit card account is a money move no one should overlook. To attract new cardholders, banks will frequently offer a bounty of cash-back or points (depending on the type of rewards the card offers) after you meet a minimum spending threshold within a specified period of time. This […]

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