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A boy from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians has inspired his community to try to boost organ donor numbers. Greyson Parisien's journey to correct an irregular heart led the tribe to add the option of organ donation to tribal IDs. And the tribe hopes it will inspire others. 

Native species such as swift foxes and black-footed ferrets were wiped out from the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation by poisoning campaigns, disease and the loss of prairie where nomadic tribes once roamed. Now students from the tribal college are helping reintroduce the small predators to the northern Montana reservation with guidance from elders and outside wildlife groups.

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Cheryl Andrews-Maltais takes note of the heart-wrenching dates that remind Wampanoag families that they're still in the midst of the opioid drug crisis — birthdays of loved ones lost, anniversaries of their passing. Then she reaches out with a phone call to the grieving.

The movie “Don’t Look Up,” released last month on Netflix, has become the talk on social media according to Buzz Feed. Starring Leonardo DiCap…

The ball drops in Times Square, fireworks light the night sky in large cities and small, the Rose Parade makes its way through the streets of …

I grew up near Waco, and have fond childhood memories of family picnics at Cameron Park. I was 10 years old when I first visited Lovers Leap, …

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Winner of numerous 2020 literary honors, this novel is inspired by the author’s grandfather, who fought hard to help save his Chippewa tribe from government termination. “High drama, low comedy, ghost stories, mystical visions, family and tribal lore — wed to a surprising outbreak of enthusiasm for boxing matches,” wrote New York Times reviewer Luis Alberto Urrea. “We are grateful to be allowed into this world.”

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