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Never counted out — High-wire Bears rally from 21 down in 4th, stay on title track, 61-58

Never counted out — High-wire Bears rally from 21 down in 4th, stay on title track, 61-58

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Baylor quarterback Bryce Petty hid his eyes.

Bears coach Art Briles waited until he heard the roar of the crowd before looking to see whether freshman kicker Chris Callahan’s field goal attempt sailed through the uprights.

The thunderous reaction of the 46,803 fans said it all: Callahan nailed the 28-yard field goal with no time remaining to lift the No. 5 Bears to an off-the-charts 61-58 comeback win over No. 9 TCU on Saturday night at McLane Stadium.

Storming back from a 21-point fourth-quarter deficit, Baylor matched its biggest comeback in school history. The game marked the first meeting of top 10 teams in Waco since 1956, but it was worth the 58-year wait.

“It was just a fabulous, fabulous win,” Briles said. “It says a lot about Chris to do what he did. It’s not an easy thing, but he stepped up and delivered for all of us. It was basically a chip shot unless you have to do it for the game winner in a tough situation.”

Coming into the game, Callahan had hit just one of six field goals but nailed three straight from 22, 29 and 20 yards against TCU before the Bears drove to the 11 with four seconds remaining.

With the game tied at 58, Callahan drilled the field goal as time expired before his teammates lifted him up on their shoulders and was swarmed by Baylor fans who ran out of the stands to celebrate with him.

“It’s what every kicker dreams about,” Callahan said. “You can only pray and hope for a moment like this. But when I kicked it, I took off running because I knew it was good.”

Callahan’s field goal lifted the Bears (6-0) to their third straight Big 12 win and their first over a Top 25 team. The odds couldn’t have been longer for a Baylor comeback when TCU (4-1, 1-1) opened up a 58-37 lead when Marcus Mallet intercepted a Petty pass and returned it for a 49-yard touchdown with 11:38 remaining in the game.

But Petty still believed, and he told his teammates there was still time to win regardless of what the clock read.

“I told our guys we’re not going to lose that game,” Petty said. “I knew looking at their faces that we were going to come back. With our offense and the way we play defense, being down by 21 points is not a big deal for us. We believe in each other and what we’re doing.”

The Bears began chipping away at TCU’s lead when Devin Chafin ran for a 7-yard touchdown with 10:39 left in the game.

After stopping TCU, the Bears moved 92 yards on just five plays to cut the lead to 58-51. Petty finished off the drive with a 28-yard touchdown pass to Antwan Goodley down the right sideline with 6:39 remaining.

The Horned Frogs couldn’t move again, but Ethan Perry’s 51-yard punt pinned the Bears at their own 9.

But Petty quickly got Baylor out of the hole by finding KD Cannon for 26 yards followed by an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against TCU’s Chucky Hunter that moved the ball to the 50.

When Petty fired a 25-yard touchdown pass to Corey Coleman with 4:42 remaining, the game was tied at 58. In less than seven minutes, the Bears made up a 21-point deficit and had a chance to pull off the unlikeliest of wins.

“They put 60 minutes on the clock for a reason, and you play every one of them,” Briles said. “TCU was a hot team. They were extremely hot. We had to step up a little bit, and our guys did. We had stops on defense when we needed them in the fourth quarter and made plays on offense.”

The Horned Frogs answered with a pair of first downs before facing fourth-and-three at Baylor’s 45. Trevone Boykin misfired on a pass to Josh Doctson to give the Bears the ball with 1:11 remaining.

Facing third-and-13 on TCU’s 43, Baylor got new life when TCU cornerback Corry O’Meally was called for pass interference against Baylor’s Levi Norwood. The Bears let Shock Linwood pound TCU’s defense for 6, 9 and 2 yards to push the ball to the 11 with four seconds remaining to set up Callahan’s winning field goal.

It was the first time the Bears led the entire game.

RB Jefferson injured

After fumbling the ball in the first half, Linwood came back to finish with 178 yards rushing on 29 carries. His yardage was especially necessary since Baylor running back Johnny Jefferson missed the game with a pulled hamstring.

“I played angry in the second half,” Linwood said. “We found the rhythm in our running game and had to stay with it.”

The Bears finished with 782 yards total offense for the second most in school history. Petty hit 28 of 55 passes for a career-high 510 yards and tied the school record with six touchdown passes.

Petty rebounded in a big way from his worst statistical start when he hit seven of 22 passes for 111 yards in last week’s 28-7 win over Texas. He put up big numbers against one of the best defenses in the country.

“This was a statement game for us,” Petty said. “We know we’re never out of a game. It was a chance for us to prove we’re here to stay and it doesn’t matter who the opposition is.”

Three Baylor receivers surpassed 100 yards receiving as Goodley made eight catches for 158 yards and two touchdowns, Coleman made eight catches for 144 yards and two touchdowns while KD Cannon made six catches for 124 yards and a score. Jay Lee caught Petty’s other touchdown pass, a 47-yarder late in the third quarter.

Boykin gave the Bears fits all day as he passed for 287 yards and rushed for 45. He helped the Horned Frogs jump out to a 14-0 first-quarter lead. The Bears rallied for a 24-24 tie before TCU’s B.J. Catalon returned a kickoff for a 94-yard touchdown with 1:38 left in the first half.

With eight seconds remaining in the second quarter, TCU lined up for a punt at Baylor’s 48. But TCU’s snap sailed over Perry’s head and Baylor’s Shawn Oakman recovered at the 12 with one second remaining.

Callahan nailed a 29-yard field goal to cut TCU’s halftime lead to 31-27.

With TCU clinging to a 34-30 lead late in the third quarter, Aaron Green turned his first carry of the game into a 59-yard run up the middle. He fumbled at the end of the run but Doctson came from behind and fell on it at Baylor’s 2.

On the next play, Trevorris Johnson popped up the middle for a 2-yard touchdown run to push TCU’s lead to 41-30 with 3:53 left in the third quarter.

The Horned Frogs turned to razzle-dazzle as Cameron Echols-Luper took a pitch and threw a 59-yard flea-flicker pass to Catalon for 59 yards to Baylor’s 9.

Two plays later, Green broke loose up the middle for a 6-yard touchdown to push TCU’s lead to 51-37 on the second play of the fourth quarter. When Mallet returned the interception for the touchdown a few minutes later, the game looked all but over.

But the Bears reeled off 24 unanswered points to pull off a win that left a lot of Baylor players in tears in the locker room.

“We had some guys in there, Shawn Oakman was one of them, that were just real quiet,” Briles said. “Just saying, ‘Coach, I’m just real thankful.’ He actually had tears in his eyes. ‘I can’t believe this happened. I’m just thankful to be a part of it.’”

Baylor vs. TCU all-time results

Baylor leads series 52-51-7
1899Tie, 0-0Waco
1901BU, 39-0Waco Nov. 23
BU, 42-9Waco
1902Tie, 0-0Waco Nov. 1
BU, 6-0Waco Nov. 22
BU, 20-0Waco Dec. 1
1903BU, 12-0Waco Oct. 3
BU, 5-0Waco Nov. 27
1904Tie, 0-0Waco Oct. 1
BU, 17-0Waco Nov. 12
TCU, 5-0Waco Nov. 24
1905TCU, 16-0Waco Sept. 30
BU, 10-0Waco Nov. 10
TCU, 17-0Waco Nov. 29
1907Tie, 6-6Waco Oct. 5
TCU, 11-10Waco Nov. 11
BU, 16-8Waco Nov. 28
1908TCU, 15-0Waco Oct. 3
TCU, 10-6Waco Oct. 24
BU, 23-8Waco Nov. 26
1909TCU, 9-0Waco Oct. 16
TCU, 11-0Waco Nov. 16
BU, 6-3Waco Nov. 25
1910BU, 52-0Waco Oct. 24
BU, 10-3Fort Worth Nov. 18
1911BU, 12-0Waco
1912TCU, 22-0Fort Worth Oct. 19
1914BU, 28-14Waco Oct. 31
1915BU, 51-0Waco Nov. 25
1916BU, 32-14Fort Worth Nov. 27
1917TCU, 34-0Fort Worth Nov. 29
1918TCU, 12-7Waco Dec. 5
1919BU, 7-0Waco Nov. 27
1920TCU, 21-9Waco Nov. 13
1925Tie, 7-7DallasOct. 13
1926Tie, 7-7Waco Oct. 12
1927TCU, 14-0Waco Oct. 29
1928BU, 7-6Fort Worth Nov. 3
1929TCU, 34-7Waco Nov. 16
1930BU, 35-14Fort Worth Nov. 22
1931TCU, 19-6Waco Nov. 21
1932TCU, 27-0Fort Worth Oct. 29
1933BU, 7-0Waco Nov. 4
1934TCU, 34-12Fort Worth Nov. 3
1935TCU, 28-0Waco Nov. 2
1936TCU, 28-0Fort Worth Oct. 31
1937BU, 6-0Waco Oct. 30
1938TCU, 39-7Fort Worth Oct. 29
1939BU, 27-0Waco Nov. 4
1940TCU, 14-12Fort Worth Nov. 2
1941TCU, 23-12Waco Nov. 1
1942BU, 10-7Fort Worth Oct. 31
1945TCU, 7-6Waco Oct. 6
1946TCU, 19-16Fort Worth Nov. 2
1947TCU, 14-7Waco Nov. 1
1948BU, 6-3Fort Worth Oct. 30
1949BU, 40-14Waco Oct. 29
1950BU, 20-14Fort Worth Nov. 4
1951TCU, 20-7Waco Nov. 3
1952Tie, 20-20Fort Worth Nov. 1
1953BU, 25-7Waco Oct. 31
1954BU, 12-7Fort Worth Oct. 30
1955TCU, 28-6Waco Oct. 29
1956TCU, 7-6Fort Worth Nov. 3
1957TCU, 19-6Waco Nov. 2
1958TCU, 22-0Fort Worth Nov. 1
1959TCU, 14-0Waco Oct. 31
1960TCU, 14-6Fort Worth Oct. 29
1961BU, 28-14Waco Nov. 4
1962TCU, 28-26Fort Worth Nov. 3
1963BU, 32-13Waco Nov. 2
1964TCU, 17-14Fort Worth Oct. 31
1965TCU, 10-7Waco Oct. 30
1966TCU, 16-0Fort Worth Oct. 29
1967TCU, 29-7Waco Nov. 4
1968TCU, 47-14Fort Worth Nov. 2
1969TCU, 31-14Waco Nov. 1
1970TCU, 24-17Fort Worth Oct. 31
1971TCU, 19-6Waco Oct. 30
1972BU, 42-9Fort Worth Nov. 4
1973TCU, 34-28Waco Nov. 3
1974BU, 21-7Fort Worth Nov. 2
1975BU, 24-6Waco Nov. 1
1976BU, 24-19Fort Worth Nov. 27
1977BU, 48-9Waco Nov. 26
1978BU, 28-21Fort Worth Oct. 28
1979BU, 16-3Waco Oct. 27
1980BU, 21-6Fort Worth Oct. 25
1981BU, 34-21Waco Oct. 24
1982TCU, 38-14Fort Worth Oct. 23
1983BU, 56-21Waco Oct. 22
1984TCU, 38-28Fort Worth Oct. 27
1985BU, 45-0Waco Oct. 26
1986BU, 28-17Fort Worth Oct. 25
1987TCU, 24-0Waco Oct. 24
1988TCU, 24-14Fort Worth Oct. 22
1989BU, 27-9Waco Oct. 28
1990BU, 27-21Fort Worth Oct. 27
1991BU, 26-9Waco Oct. 26
1992BU, 41-20Fort Worth Oct. 10
1993TCU, 38-13Waco Oct. 23
1994BU, 42-18Fort Worth Oct. 1
1995BU, 27-24Waco Oct. 28
2006TCU, 17-7Waco Sept. 3
2007TCU, 27-0Fort Worth Sept. 1
2010TCU, 45-10Fort Worth Sept. 18
2011BU, 50-48Waco Sept. 2
2012TCU, 49-21Waco Oct. 13
2013BU, 41-38Fort Worth Nov. 30
2014BU, 61-58Waco Oct. 11
Waco: BU leads, 34-30-5 / Fort Worth: TCU leads, 21-18-1
Neutral Sites: Tied, 0-0-1 / Dallas: Tied, 0-0-1
Source: Baylor athletics media guide

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