• There are a lot of issues flying around this week with COVID continuing to cause problems as several teams have forfeited playoff games statewide. Here's a controversial question: Do you think part of the decision making within these schools and programs has to do with “Is it worth it?” In other words, if a team thinks they have a chance to play for a while, they’re doing what they need to do to stay on the field. But other teams are saying, basically, “Let’s punt.” • Back in the good old days, the college football national champion was decided by the AP and Coaches polls. In certain cases this high school football season, should there be a declared state champion? That would fall to the good folks at Dave Campbell’s Texas Football. Is that too much power for them? • Speaking of rankings, why aren't the Temple Wildcats aren’t the top 25 in 6A? They're 6-1 with a win over Longview and the only loss to Arlington Martin, while district mate Shoemaker (6-0) is in the poll at No. 24. • OK, finally, let’s talk a little on-the-field playoffs. Here's a district-versus-district bet: Either 11-3A D-I (Lorena, McGregor) or 7-2A D-I (Crawford, Bosqueville). Who you got?

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